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Information Security – trends 2015 : A Swedish perspective

Information Security – trends 2015 : A Swedish perspective


Information Security – trends 2015 : A Swedish perspective
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The development of information technology creates national and global challenges and new opportunities. It is a development that challenges many traditional ideas and has resulted in new forms of interaction between people. These changes also make society more vulnerable, entailing huge challenges for security. The Swedish Defence Commission notes in its 2013 report, Choices in a globalised world (Ds 2013:33), that the vulnerabilities arising in today's global IT system are, and for the foreseeable future will continue to be, one of our most complex issues. The Swedish Defence Commission emphasises in its 2014 report The Defence of Sweden (Ds 2014:20) that there is a continuing need to evaluate possibilities for further strengthening the robustness of IT in society and to analyse the need for developing cyber capabilities. In the report submitted by the Swedish National Audit Office (RiR 2014:23) the picture of the challenges facing society becomes even clearer.

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