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Healthy Firefighters : the Skellefteå Model improves the work environment

Healthy Firefighters : the Skellefteå Model improves the work environment


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A firefighter on an emergency response will often be in an environment where hazardous substances are present; and will be handling equipment and material contaminated by contaminants from the combustion gases. Repeated exposure to harmful substances may pose a greater risk of contracting a serious illness. To avoid exposure a firefighter should have the option in all situations protect their skin and their respiratory tracts. In Skellefteå, the fire & rescue service has now for many years developed procedures and working methods for a better work environme nt both at incident sites and at the fire station. The Skellefteå Model is now a proven way to work. A central part of the model is the procedures for the handling and cleaning of protective clothing and equipment. This book provides examples and practical tips on how a fire & rescue service with simple means can reduce the amount of contaminants that personnel are exposed to, and thereby achieve a better work environment and improved health for firefighters and other fire & rescue service personnel.

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