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Plan your home preparedness

If you are prepared, you are contributing to improving the ability of the country as a whole to cope with a major strain.

Taking part in a mission

MSB is always looking for committed and skilled experts for our humanitarian, resilience and peace support operations.

The Swedish National Coordination Centre for cybersecurity research and innovation

The Swedish National Coordination Centre for cybersecurity research and innovation will enable EU funding for financial support.


28 September 2023
Time 13.24

New report: Building resilience for the future – Lessons from Ukraine

During the spring of 2023, MSB arranged four thematic seminars and a high-level conference in Stockholm on Ukraine’s continuing ability to stand up against Russia’s illegal invasion and highlighting lessons on strengthening whole-of-society resilience. Key take-aways from these events are summarized in the new report ”Building resilience for the future – Lessons from Ukraine”.
27 September 2023
Time 12.38

Preparedness Week engages the entire country

The nationwide effort to strengthen Sweden's preparedness for crisis and war – Preparedness Week is ongoing. A majority of the country's municipalities, several government agencies, companies and non-profit organisations will participate and highlight this year's theme in different ways – Practice!
22 August 2023
Time 10.18

Two scooping aircraft sent to forest fires in Greece

Several serious forest fire are raging in Greece. Greece has requested international assistance through the EU's civil protection cooperation, rescEU. The EU has requested that Sweden send two of the scooping aircraft on standby for EU operations. Sweden has confirmed via MSB that the aircraft are available and Greece has accepted the offer.
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