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90 sekunder Play

90 sekunder is a series of video reports primarily aimed at emergency services such as rescue, police and ambulance.

Open tool - 90 sekunder Play


Target group

  • First responders

Order the tool

90 sekunder is a subscription service.

About the tool

Contact and support
+46 10-240 51 00 (Weekdays excluding holidays 09:00-11:00)

New login introduced August 29

MSB has changed the login system for several web applications, including 90 sekunder Play. The login portal has replaced My page. Your previous account will also work through the new login, but you will need to reset your password the first time you log in.
Another novelty is that, when logging in, you must enter a one-time code that you receive via your email.


90 sekunder is a series of reports, 3-15 minutes long films to impart knowledge, experiences, news and advice from real incidents and emergency responses. Interviews may therefore contain personal experiences and views that do not necessarily reflect MSB's official opinion.

90 sekunder will also stimulate local training and exercises.

Approximately 16-20 films are released a year. Publication takes place on the first Monday of each month. The films are divided into 14 different categories, for example Fire, Traffic, Prevention and Medical Care.

The reports are subtitled in English and the nordic languages.

You can also watch trailers on YouTube (subtitled in english):
90 sekunder-trailers on YouTube

Newsletter (Only available in Swedish)

When publishing new films, a newsletter is sent out to everyone who subscribes to "Nytt från 90 sekunder" (New from 90 sekunder) with a brief description of the new reports.

Sign up for 90 sekunder newsletter (in Swedish)

How can I watch 90 sekunder?

A prerequisite is that your organization has a subscription to 90 seconds Play.

When your organization has a subscription, you, and everyone in your organization who wants to watch the reports, also needs to have a personal account in MSB's Login Portal.

Please note that you must enter your work email when creating the account.

(If you already have such an account, you do not need to create a new one)

The login portal

If the organization does not yet have a subscription, an order needs to be made by the organization's representative.

  • Contact and support for 90 sekunder

    You can contact our support to ask questions about 90 sekunder Play, get help with technical problems, report errors and suggest improvements and more.

    You can also contact our support with questions regarding subscriptions and invoices.

    The support is included in your subscription.

    Contact our support: 90sekunder@msb.se

    Frequently asked questions

    • Are the films only in Swedish?

      The films are translated, and subtitled, from 2012 onwards into the following languages:

      • English
      • Danish
      • Norwegian
      • Finnish
    • I'm having trouble logging in.

      There are various reasons why you cannot log in.
      The most common are listed here:

      1. Your account is locked - This happens after 3 failed login attempts:
        Please try again in a moment!

        If the account is still locked after a while:
        Reset the password - You do it via the link in the login window
      2. Your e-mail domain is not linked to any subscribing organization - An e-mail domain has been linked to each organization. If you use a different email domain than the one your organization uses by default, you must contact our support so we can associate your email address with the correct organization.
      3. Your organization does not have an active subscription



    • I have forgotten my password.

      Reset the password

      You do this via the link in the login window.

    • How do I know that there are new films?

      You can go to the play page at regular intervals - New reports are published on the first Monday of every month with the exception of July and August

Latest reviewed: 29 August 2023

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