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Urgent contact with the MSB round the clock!

MSB Duty Officer (TiB)

The Duty Officer (TiB) is the operational point of contact to MSB and manage urgent matters around the clock. TiB is also responsible for the situation monitoring service and initiate support and assistance for deployed field staff when necessary.


Phone: +46 54 150 150 (The call is routed via SOS Alarm. Ask for the MSB Duty Officer or TiB).

Fax: +46 550 411 960

Non-urgent contact with the MSB

The MSB’s international operations are conducted primarily by three sections:

  • Operations Section

  • Field Staff Section

  • Logistics & Support Section

For general non-urgent inquiries about the MSB’s international humanitarian work you can contact us via one of the following:

Telephone: Switchboard +46 (0) 771 -240 240

Fax: + 46 (0) 010-240 56 00

Registry: registrator@msb.se

Address for post:

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
651 81 Karlstad

Media contact:

+46 (0)10 240 44 44

Latest reviewed: 19 September 2022

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