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WIS is an internet-based information system for entities in the Swedish emergency management structure.

Open tool - WIS


WIS is a national, internet-based information system created to facilitate information sharing between entities in the Swedish emergency management structure before, during and after emergencies.

With WIS, entities can share management information with one another in journal form. When widely deployed, it creates the prerequisites for quickly obtaining comprehensive situational assessments during emergencies.

The goal is that WIS will be used broadly, throughout the Swedish emergency management structure.

In WIS, the various entities share information with one another via a journal feature. Each entity, such as a municipality, has its own journal, which in turn is divided into a number of journal tabs. This is where entities publish journal entries.

Each entity decides which other entities should be authorized to access the information published in the journal. Those with the proper authorization can easily follow developments during an emergency by consulting the journal of the pertinent entity. To establish a comprehensive assessment of a situation, an entity can link to the journal tabs of other entities. WIS also enables sharing of information within entities.

Connection to WIS is provided free of charge. WIS is accessible via the internet and places no demands on installations.

Latest reviewed: 12 February 2021

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