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MSB – Mission Critical Communications Expo 2024

On 19 November 2024 we will arrange our annual Expo for users of mission critical communications services.

MSB – Mission Critical Communications Expo is a meeting place where authorized visitors and exhibitors meet to contribute to strengthening Sweden's ability to collaborate and manage mission critical operations.


The program is preliminary and subject to change.

The security policy situation
Minister for Civil Defence Carl-Oskar Bohlin and MSB Director-General Charlotte Petri Gornitska will begin the day by talking about the security policy situation, NATO and the communication system of the future.

The seminar is in Swedish.

Conflicts in the space domain
Ella Carlsson, the Air Force's Space Commander, with responsibility for developing the Swedish Armed Forces' space capabilities. Space is today a domain that is used for war, conflict and crisis. What are the Armed Forces' ambitions to meet this development?

The seminar is in Swedish.

Global developments and challenges for the PPDR sector
Vice President of the Critical Communications Association (TCCA) and Chairman of the Critical Communications Broad Band Group (CCBG) Tero Pesonen and Nina Myren, Chairman of TCCA are this year's international guests.

Tero Pesonen and Nina Myren highlight the global perspective and present current issues that affect the Nordic countries, including regulatory challenges and the Nordic collective's active involvement in standardization issues in the area.

The seminar is in English.

Nordic Village (new for this year)
We welcome our Nordic operator colleagues as co-organizers in what we call Nordic Village. In Nordic Village, you can listen to seminars on Nordic co-operation on critical communications services, user organisations' perspectives on cross-border communications, satellite communications and much more.

In-depth seminars on MSB's critical communications and space services, signal protection, services from other authorities and experiences from operational activities are offered in parallel tracks.


Approximately 40 vendors within critical communications exhibit their services and products.

If you are interested in exhibiting your products and/or services, you are welcome to register your interest at: 

Booth booking – MSB Mission Critical Communications Expo (jirango.com)

Contact information to our conference service Reachem: msb@reachem.se

Fact addition

40 exhibitors
3 seminars in the main hall
9 in-depth seminars
Nordic Village. Own program.

Information in Swedish

Visitors and exhibitors visit the MSB – Mission Critical Communications Expo. MSB – Mission Critical Communications Expo is our annual venue for users of mission critical communications services. Photo: Anders Heyle/MSB

Latest reviewed: 5 June 2024

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