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This is what the MSB can offer

At the MSB we have a wide range of capabilities. This means we can respond to requests for everything from quick emergency response operations for urban search and rescue to mine action and long-term projects for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Humanitarian and Peace Support Operations

The transport capability is an often requested resource from the MSB. As is the MSB base camp capability in support of UN personnel in areas with many people in distress. Water purification is another capability, as well as logistics, ICT modules and more.

Rescue operations

In some areas the MSB maintains a very high state of readiness. At short notice the MSB can deploy special resources for search and rescue after earthquakes. The Swedish National Air Medevac (Snam) is another rapid response capability, as is the Swedish Response Team (SRT) with the capacity to rescue Swedish residents in distress during disasters or emergencies overseas.

Mine action

Landmines, unexploded submunitions and explosive remnants of war (ERW) pose immediate threats to the life and health of the population in affected areas and can restrict humanitarian access in armed conflict and post-conflict areas.

Disaster Risk Reduction

Natural disasters occur regularly and have affected people throughout history. However, due to climate change, population growth, urbanisation and widespread poverty, we are heading towards a future where more people will be affected by natural disasters.

National resources

Municipalities in Sweden have a high degree of autonomy and play an important role in emergency management. They decide themselves how to organize and perform their work on prevention, preparedness and response.

Latest reviewed: 10 June 2019

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