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SharePoint collaboration site (Samarbetsytor)

MSB's external SharePoint collaborations sites are used for sharing documents with external project partners.


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Our SharePoint collaboration sites are for those who will participate in our collaboration with MSB. You must have received an invitation by email from MSB before registering an account with MSB.

This information i Swedish

Here you will find functions as

  • Document management (versioning , work-flow etc)
  • Planning (Task-lists, Gantt-chart, Kanban Board)
  • Calendar
  • Link library
  • Discussion board

Create a MyPages account

As an external partner, you will get an invitation by e-mail from MSB. The e-mail contains a link to the collaboration site. Prior to joining the site you have to create an account at msb.se.

Use your e-mail address as username and choose a password for MyPages (Min Sida). These user data are the same as for other login services on the MSB website.

If you already have an account registered at MSB.se you can use that account.

Create new account

Change password

Go to the SharePoint collaboration site

Use the link provided in the invitation email to access the SharePoint collaboration site. Log in with the username (email) and password you created earlier.

Guide to MSB Sharepoint collaboration sites


Latest reviewed: 26 October 2022

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