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Support for 90 sekunder

If you encounter a problem, or if you have any questions about 90 sekunder, you can look at our FAQ. Support is included in your subscription.


E-mail: 90sekunder@msb.se

For those who already have a 90 sekunder subscription

You only need to create an account for logging in to "My page" to get access to 90 sekunder reports.

Create a logging in account

If you already have an account on "My Page" you can use that.

Forgotten password

Have you forgotten your password? Fill in your e-mail and we'll send you a new password.

Send new password

For those who want to subscribe to 90 sekunder

Please note that your order will be active from the next working day, that is when you will be able to log in.

Read more and order

Problem logging in?

If you fail with the logging in process more than three times, your account will be blocked and you must contact our support service.

Each organisation is connected to a mail domain. If you use a different mail domain than the one your organisation uses by default, you must contact our support service so we can connect your email address to the right organisation.

Latest reviewed: 30 May 2019

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