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RIB - decision support for rescue service

MSB RIB gives you support all the way from planning for future actions to make the right decisions when an accident occurs.

Open tool - RIB - decision support for rescue service


Target group

  • Swedish emergency service

Order the tool

MSB RIB is a subscription service.
It is only available in swedish.

Type of system

  • Beslutsstöd

MSB RIB connects databases that together gives extended information about how an accident can be handled, how the prevention can be planned, which risks there are when an accident occurs and where the resources are.

In MSB RIB you find information about 5000 hazardous substances a register of unusual or unique resources and a reference library with more than 18 000 documents.

You can use MSB RIB:

  • In the preventive work , to plan future actions using experience from previous
  • When the accident occurs and you immediately need relevant information both in the sambandscentralen and in the field
  • As training material and basis for exercises and role playing game
  • To anticipate risks, propose measures and influence decision makers

You can run part of MSB RIB locally on your computer to ensure a secure access to them but you will also find parts of MSB RIB on the web.

MSB RIB on the web

For more information in English please contact MSB RIB Support


Latest reviewed: 28 October 2022

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