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MSB College Revinge and Sandö

MSB Revinge and MSB Sandö are two Agency facilities that provide education and training in the field of societal safety and readiness.

MSB College Revinge

MSB Revinge is one of two Agency facilities that provide education and training in the field of societal safety and readiness. Around 4000 people are trained at the college annually.

  • About MSB Revinge

    The college offers unique expertise and educated staff in the fields of fire safety, emergency services, crisis management, medicine and behavioural science. 

    MSB Revinge partners with a number of service providers and institutes, including Lund University, Copenhagen University, Malmö högskola, and the Defence Forces.

  • Training Courses

    MSB College Revinge offers a wide range of certified basic training courses, in-service training courses and commissioned courses.

    The College offers reality-based, high-quality training courses, where theory is combined with practical training exercises in the college's training ground.
    The courses on offer include qualified basic courses, extension courses and assignment courses for the Swedish rescue services.
    The college offers customised courses in the following areas: accident prevention, crisis management, hazardous substances, fire prevention and rescue for both local authorities, other state agencies and the commercial sector.
    MSB Revinge also delivers a range of international courses in collaboration with the UN and the EU.

    EU Courses

    The EU Civil Protection Mechanism runs a training programme, offering experts from all over Europe a deeper knowledge of the requirements of European civil protection missions. The training helps experts improve their coordination and assessment skills in disaster response.

    MSB has been involved in the design and implementation of various civil protection courses since the training programme began in 2004.

    How to participate

    Each Participating State in the European Civil Protection Mechanism has appointed a national training coordinator who is responsible for identifying and nominating experts to attend the training courses. If you like to participate please contact your national training coordinator.

  • Visit and stay at MSB Revinge

    Accommodation in MSB Revinge

    We offer full accommodation for international students taking part in courses at MSB College Revinge.

    The accommodation is usually included in the course fee.

    At the college hotel, you will stay in a single room with free Internet connection, TV, shower, and a toilet.

    Please note that guests are expected to bring their own toiletries. You can also purchase a limited range of toiletry items at the College restaurant.

    The water from the tap in the hotel (and elsewhere at the College) is safe to drink.

    In the common area of every hotel building there is a kitchen, a laundry and ironing room, a TV and video.

    Calling Cards and Electricity Outlet

    The College does not sell phone cards.

    Sweden uses the Europlug (Type C & F) for electricity, with two round prongs (230V AC).

    The College does not provide adapters.

    Opening hours of Reception

    The reception is located in the main building (Alby). 

    Opening hours:
    Monday - Thursday: 7.30 AM- 4.30 PM Friday: 7.30 AM-4 PM

    The usual checkout time is 08.15 AM. You can leave your luggage at the reception area.

    Switchboard, MSB: +46 771-240 240
    Direct telephone: +46 10-240 35 03

    Restaurant and Cafe

    The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also buy drinks and small snacks at any time during the day.

    It serves Swedish food with an international touch. Please inform the course coordinator prior to arrival if you have any special dietary requirements.

    Due to Sweden's alcohol licensing restrictions, it is not allowed to bring or consume alcoholic beverages in the pub or restaurant bought from elsewhere.

    Other than pre-arranged meals, food in the restaurant is self-serviced. After the meal, please clear and leave your tray in the assigned area.

    Standard opening hours
    Breakfast: Monday - Friday: 7-8.15 AM
    Lunch: Monday - Friday: 11.00 AM-1 PM
    Dinner: Monday - Friday: 4 -6:30 PM

    Pub in the cafeteria

    Monday - Thursday: 7-10 PM

    Payment and Currency Exchange

    All major credit cards (except American Express) are accepted at reception and the restaurant. You cannot exchange currency at the College. All payments are made in Swedish krona or by card. Visit XE.com for reference on the latest exchange rates.


    Some foreign citizens may require an entry visa to visit Sweden. Visit the Swedish Government's website. If you need an invitation letter, contact the course coordinator prior to arrival. Please note that it takes more than two weeks to obtain a VISA for Sweden.

    Swedish Government's website


    In Sweden it can be quite cold in the winter months. Make sure to pack appropriate clothing. Remember to check the latest weather forecast.

    Medical Care during your Stay

    Get in touch immediately with the reception or the training coordinator in Revinge if you require medical attention during your stay.

    When visiting a local health clinic, you will be asked to present your passport and European Health Insurance (EHIC) and you will only have to pay part of the cost (non-refundable). You will otherwise be charged the full cost of the treatment. Non EU/EEA citizens must pay for the medical treatment.

    European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)Make sure that you are covered by your health insurance and bring necessary documents on your trip.

    Information on medical care in Sweden at 1177.se. 

MSB College Sandö

Sandö is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the heart of the Ångermanälven river valley, just by Sandö Bridge. The closest town is Kramfors, which is about ten kilometers upstream.

  • Facts about MSB Sandö
    • Environmental permit (MKB) for its operations
    • Two own training grounds: Sandö (70 hectares) and Högberget (5 hectares)
    • Over 100 employees
    • Boarding facilities: 190 beds (169 rooms)
  • Courses at Sandö

    Courses offered at Sandö include the two-year accident prevention training course (SMO), Emergency response operations for future part-time firemen, Incident Commander A, Incident Command B and Inspection A and B.

    The course program also offers courses in such subjects as forcible entry under extreme conditions, fire development and extinguishing techniques, various forms of crisis management and operations undertaken by the Sweden POSOM organization. The college also holds a number of different international courses and training courses in collaboration with such bodies as the UN, NATO/PFP and the EU.

    The training courses are so designed as to focus on the student’s own responsibility and participation, which means the high standards are set for both them and their studies.

    MSB Sandö also runs the chimney-sweeping course, which is held in Rosersberg, just north of Stockholm.

  • Facilities

    The college offers prospective students boarding facilities in magnificent surroundings, with a wealth of different leisure activities. Those who want to find their own accommodation are helped to do so by being given details of various landlords.

Latest reviewed: 18 January 2022

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