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Rakel is the Swedish national digital communications system used by the emergency services and others in the fields of civil protection, public safety and security, emergency medical services and healthcare.


Target group

  • County Administrative Board
  • Local Authorities

Type of system

  • Kommunikationstjänster

The MSB has the overall responsibility to expand, develop and support the Rakel system, which is currently used by municipalities, counties, national agencies and even commercial entities. 

Due to its central role the system inevitably plays an important part through all stages of an emergency. Rakel reduces societal vulnerability during an emergency due to its robustness as a reliable communications system. Besides its resilient attributes, Rakel also provides greater coverage than commercial systems, and enhanced methods and platforms for interaction.

Societal Preparedness

Rakel also helps increase societal preparedness. The system streamlines everyday communications, and enables new ways of working, which increases readiness and with it, ultimately the ability to manage an emergency. In order for Rakel to be adopted by an agency or organisation, a thorough analysis and identification of communication and information channels and routines is required, which in itself increases the civil protection preparedness as a whole.

No matter how robust the system might be, it is highly flexible during an emergency crisis. Rakel can swiftly and easily be tailored to the requirements of the emergency at hand.

One common forum

Rakel is meant to merge all civil protection agencies and organisations into one common forum, increasing information exchanges across organisational and sector boundaries. During the recovery phase of an emergency the system can be used as a tool for monitoring and evaluation, where communications routines and operations can be easily analysed.

Latest reviewed: 4 June 2024

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