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This is how MSB works

The MSB's overseas operations are always initiated by a request. If the request is answered positively an operation is tailored to the current needs. Issues such as gender and environment are taken into account, and have in recent years gained greater priority.


Anyone who is serious about fighting poverty, reducing disaster risks and contributing to sustainable development must take into account short and long term effects on the environment.


The MSB increases the quality and efficiency of operations by involving everyone - men, women, boys and girls in all stages and aspects of a mission.


The MSB is one of many organisations in the fields of humanitarian aid, mine action and capacity development that are active on the international arena. The MSB has contact and cooperation with a large number of organisations, various UN agencies being the most common. These pages presented the agencies with whom the MSB most often collaborates.

How an operation works

Sweden has carried out international aid and rescue operations since December 1988 when the then SRSA sent a search and rescue team to Armenia after a severe earthquake.

Lessons learned

The MSB annually conducts hundreds of operations worldwide, generating large amounts of experience. Knowledge based on experience and lessons learned functions as a catalyst for further development where experience can be fed back into the organization in the form of quality improvement measures.

Latest reviewed: 10 June 2019

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