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RCR Simulation Lab: Creates realistic crises without risk

The overall purpose of the RCR Simulation Lab is to contribute to a safe and sustainable society, by providing a physical environment for research, exercises and development of services in the risk and crisis management area.


The Risk and Crisis Research Simulation Lab, Mid Sweden University

Contact information

Minna Lundgren, Mid Sweden University

In the simulation room artificial but realistic scenarios are produced through a combination of immersive technologies with the use of digital projection, light, sound, smoke, vibrations and various props.

This allows the study of crisis situations simulated in real-time, and these exact scenarios can be repeated multiple times with different participants. Ceiling mounted cameras and microphones, headmics and eye trackers, along with physiological technology are used to record interactions and human reactions to what unfolds in the scenarios.

The scenarios along with the immersive technologies stimulates the active engagement of the participants, and meanwhile some variables are intentionally controlled in order to observe the outcome of another variable. Examples of previous studies in RCR Simulation Lab includes a long term power outage in a home environment and a violent attack in a nightclub. Scenarios used in crisis exercises with management teams and the rescue services includes a terrorist attacks in a shopping center, severe flooding in a rural area, and a bomb threat at a university campus.

RCR Simulation Lab

Latest reviewed: 13 September 2023

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