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Terms and conditions of employment

MSB has two types of employment contracts for international operations. Which contract that is used depends on the particular operation. Salary, allowances and benefits varies depending on the type of operation, the exact conditions is notified prior to each operation.

URA agreement

The URA agreement (Agreement on overseas contracts and guidelines for employment in service abroad) is used for most types of international operations. URA is a central framework of guidelines for service abroad.

MSB agreement

A local agreement on employment conditions in international operations that is mainly used for shorter operations such as reconnaissance missions, the Swedish Response Team, as well as search and rescue operations.


The basic salary is partly based on the requirements of applicable work experience and education and the responsibilities involved in the position. Salaries also reflect that operations often takes place in difficult living and working conditions and that field staff has non-regulated hours.

In addition to basic salary, a salary supplement may apply if the employee has previous international experience to be of great relevance to the operation.

Allowances and benefits

The MSB offers a comprehensive allowances and benefits package to field staff on international operations, ranging from free home leave travel to access to psychosocial support.

Read more about our allowances and benefits below.


During an operation the MSB pays for suitable accommodation.

Home leave travel

The MSB offers home leave travel to field staff on operations for a minimum of four months.

Annual leave

The ability to take leave during the contract period varies depending on the type of the operation. The MSB is committed to enabling field staff as far as possible to take their annual leave during the operation. Field staff with the right to annual leave receive 30 annual leave days per year. During shorter operations, holiday pay is paid in lieu of annual leave.


The MSB provide the necessary equipment for operations.

Additional expenses allowance

A tax-free allowance to cover the additional cost of for example food and transportation during an operation. The amount is determined by the Swedish Tax Agency and paid differently depending on contract type.

Subsistence allowance

An allowance payable to an employee on official duty travel. This allowance will cover the increased cost of living during the official duty travel, such as higher food costs than usual and assorted sundries. The amount is determined by the Swedish Tax Agency and paid differently depending on contract type.


All field staff is covered by pension benefits for state employment, PA03, regulated by the Swedish National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV).


The MSB has a comprehensive insurance package for field staff, including group life insurance, personal injury insurance and property insurance. The conditions are slightly different depending on which contract you are contracted through and if you are covered by Swedish social insurance.

Accompanying family members

Most operations take place in countries or regions where it is not appropriate to include family members. In some operations however, there may be an opportunity to bring the family to the duty station, and a number of allowances and benefits are then applicable. A number of criteria must be met in order for accompanying family members to be approved.

Health support

The MSB pays for a medical examination before and after the operation and provide a personal medical kit for self-care and first aid. The MSB Medical Coordinators provide operation specific health information and information on which vaccinations and prophylactic medicines are required for the area of operation.

If illness or injury occurs during the operation the Medical Coordinator is available for advice. In addition, field staff has access to 24 hour medical support via phone, contacted via the MSB Duty officer.

Health and security

Psychosocial support

The MSB Staff Counsellor provides psychosocial support to field staff before, during and after an operation, which may, for example, consist of defusing sessions during the mission and follow-up calls afterwards. You also receive tips on what you can do to prepare yourself and your family that you are to go away on an operation.

After a mission

Support from the MSB 24 hours a day

Field staff may, when needed, contact the MSB 24 hours a day whilst on operation. During office hours the Programme officer is the primary point of contact. Outside of office hours, field staff contact the MSB Duty officer through SOS Alarm.


The MSB offers introductory and specialized courses and training in-house or in collaboration with other partner organisations. There is a mandatory induction course for everyone registered on the roster. We also offer specialized courses and exercises in a variety of areas of expertise.

MSB training and exercises are available exclusively to those registered on the roster. Courses vary in length from 3-14 days. During training participants receive a salary of 950 SEK per day plus 12% holiday pay. The MSB also pays for travel, food and lodging.

Training and exercises for those who are registered on MSB's roster

Latest reviewed: 3 June 2019

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