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Gender equality handbook : practical advice for international assistance

Gender equality handbook : practical advice for international assistance


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During the 1991 floods in Bangladesh, five times as
many women as men died. Two thirds of the fatalities
during the tsunami in 2004 were women. During the
2005 earthquakes in Pakistan more women than men
died. The causes are many, but are often linked to
the fact that women and men in different cultures
and religions have different areas of responsibility,
tasks, freedom of movement, dress codes, and
education. To be able to work effectively throughout
all the stages of disaster management requires
understanding and knowledge on these issues.
Applying a gender perspective to international
assistance requires bringing the work into line with
prevailing local conditions to ensure that the
project reaches as many people as possible as
quickly as possible.

This handbook is aimed at MSB project managers and
personnel who work within international assistance.
This handbook contains concrete and concise advice
for immediate use in the practical planning,
implementation, reporting and evaluation of a

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